Artist Residency Grampians 2023 July 10 2023

In MAY 2023 I was given the opportunity to spend 8 days in a secluded part of the Grampians, Australia. My aim was to explore new ideas and completely emerge myself in my work and the landscape. There was no contact, or very little, with anyone else. No distractions, complete focus on creating new work.

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I am fascinated by the way we perceive the landscapes we find ourselves in. Rather than simply viewing it through a camera lens, I take a more holistic approach. I like to consider what was there originally and how the landscape has changed over time. I also think about why certain places hold specific meanings and what the consequences of our interference with the landscape may be or have been. Can we restore parts of it to its original habitat and manage it differently?

Tuning in to the landscape, listening to the movement of sound through the trees and feeling its temperature and texture. These sensations trigger images in my mind that result in paintings, or even words.

Ultimately, I hope to bring greater awareness to the viewer on how we can experience landscapes differently, appreciating them more and resulting in greater respect for the land and therefore the future of it.

Stefan gevers, watercolour artist