Today we meet artist Stefan Gevers- one half of Paper Empire Australia & a solo exhibiting artist. From now until April 17 you have the chance to win $150 towards any of his prints. Visit our instagram for details & please comment or ask questions below!

Stefan has work is in the NAB collection, Artbank, State Library of Vic & Qld and numerous private collections throughout Australia and Europe. He has exhibited widely as a solo artist and as part of collaborative exhibitions 


Tell us about an average day - Is there such a thing ?? - how do you get started?

The day starts usually at 6.30am with breakfast, walk the dog and getting the children ready for school. By 9.30 I am usually at the studio in Kensington. I do need to plan my week as otherwise it is taken over by things that don't involve painting. I split a regular day amongst many tasks- some exciting others not so much! Admin, emails and organizing my art classes takes a full day. I try to devote a day in production for Paper Empire, which might be sourcing new suppliers, ordering stock, pre planning fairs and markets. And most importantly is making time for painting- new work for Paper Empire, exhibitions, commissions, etc. These are the day's I really look forward to! When an exhibition is coming up I will be spending more day’s painting, longer days or weekends.

* Stefan has an exhibition currently showing from April 9 to May 8th 2016 at Stockroom Galleries, Kyneton Victoria.


What is the most exciting part of creating art / designing your range / your business in general. Is it difficult to run a creative business. Any advice?

 Ultimately painting is what makes me happy and what I am good at. New work doesn't always come easily and it can be quite a struggle to finally come up with work I am happy with. Working with watercolour can be frustrating as it is such an unforgiving medium. Mistakes mean I may have to start again and loose days of work. It's something that a creative person has to get used to & it is also an important part of resolving creative hurdles. I feel great about actually making a living with what I love to do, although it is not always that easy. Its also important for me to have a studio outside of home. Watercolour painting is developed in stages & I will often work on several pieces at once- leaving them out to consider the next stage is important.





How long have you been working as an artist- what changes have you noticed in that time - technology; design trends; customer expectations;   

I have been making Art since I was 17 and I am now 47. In those years Ihave made large scale oil paintings, acrylic, sculptures and worked with watercolour. The biggest change would be the use of social media and how important it has become to market my work. In the "olden" days you would show your work in galleries once or twice a year and rely on people walking in. That still happens but it can't be your only way of putting your self out there anymore. Customers expect to see your work online and be able to buy on line as well. On the flip side I had the privilege to teach watercolour painting to 3 Aboriginal artists from Yamaji, Garaldton WA. A great experience to work with these traditional painters & learn from each other.



PE firmly believe art can transform. It can transform a room, it can lift your spirits, it can change your thinking. Have you ever experienced this?

Art is an essential part of society as it reflects and comments on that society in fundamental ways. It can change the feel of a space and can touch you emotionally. I have stood in front of paintings that made cry, gave me goose bumps and changed my way of thinking. Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgois and Eduardo Chillida to name a few. A world without art would be pretty boring! 

Do you have a favourite piece of art?

I have lots of favourite pieces of art and in particular exhibitions. The Documenta in Kassel, Germany has made a great impact on me in my earlier years and discovering Chillida's work in Spain greatly influenced my work. Francesco Clemente makes large scale watercolours which are impressive and is one of my favourite watercolour artists.


Eduardo Chillida Sculpture